About Us

Dengema is a brand of concept which is presented to the tastes to create new life forms. She brings different lifestyles to your home with her modern and innovative approach. The alternatives addressing different tastes and life solutions that offer the most natural state of comfort are waiting for you to make a difference to your life with its approachable design approach. Its products, which meet all of the criteria of comfort and quality, durability and elegance, accessibility and design, are getting stronger from years of experience. Turkey across the sprawling extensive dealer and service network by keeping the customer satisfaction in the foreground, a chair, and much more than from the desk to the people, the lifestyle production in sunuyor.düny diameter We invite you to meet with a whole new world.


high-quality table-chair in the sector, with a wide range of products and innovative designs to be the first brand that comes to mind and make Turkey one of the world's reputable manufacturers.


To meet the needs of our customers by producing or supplying table / chair needs by taking ergonomics, economy and comfort into consideration; To meet the needs of our industrial customers about machinery, equipment, spare parts, semi-finished products and consultancy.


Our quality policy

- To provide sustainable growth by providing quality to our customers continuously and as standard.

- To meet the demands of our domestic and export customers regarding price-quality-shipment in the most appropriate way,

- Adopting innovations by following the sector and industry continuously,

- Continuously improve the quality management system by covering the whole of our processes and by providing quality awareness to all our employees,

- Respecting the values ​​of the society we live together with and taking all kinds of measures related to human and environmental health,

- Minimizing the costs and using scarce resources in the most efficient way by preventing inefficiency and wastage in all processes,

- To develop our cooperation in mutual trust and solidarity with all our internal and external stakeholders, aware of our social responsibilities,

- To take responsibility for the products we produce,

- To produce the most suitable, most accurate and economical solutions in the fastest way and to avoid any possible nonconformities.


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Latest News from Dengema


15 Ocak 2019

Home Concept 2019

Our 2019 Home Concept catalog was released with our stunning new designs.

15 Ocak 2019

Project 2019

Our new project portfolio 2019 has been published with our new dazzling designs.

2 Kasım 2018


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